Basic Kitchen Equipments

equipped kitchen

There are millions of items found in restaurants and kitchens everywhere in the world. Here are the basic things that you need to have in a kitchen as well as in a restaurant (even though you should have more of them in a restaurant then you would in a kitchen). There are a lot of things that are needed for a restaurant. Depending on what you plan on actually cooking really depends on what you need. However, let’s just say you are going to do provide everything from gourmet foods to delicate desserts. Many if not all of the items that are in this article can be purchased from or even from (depending on what you want to purchase). Besides the basics of refrigerators, freezers, fryers, grills, ovens, ranges, sinks, ice cream makers, commercial dishwasher, food warming equipment. The following items listed are what you will need in order to start your restaurant.

Let’s start with the baking items first, you need to make sure that you have the necessary things to start a restaurant. You need baking supplies like baking pans (bread pans, cake pans, cookie sheets, muffin pans, oven baskets, quiche pans, roasting pans, sheet pans, etc.); pastry supplies (cake decorating supplies, cake slicers, cannoli forms, pastry brushes, pastry mats, etc.); baking tools (confectionary funnels, cookie cutter sheets, cookie cutters, cookie scoops, dough & pastry cutters, dough scrapers, kitchen torches, mixing bowls, rolling pins (variety of sizes), sugar & flour sieves, rubber & silicone spatulas, etc.); supplementary baking supplies (cooling racks, baking cups, donut screens, flour brushes, parchment paper, etc.); measuring supplies ( baker’s dough scale, dredges, graduated measuring cups, digital portion control scales, measuring spoons, etc.); pastry & desserts molds (boat molds, Charlotte molds, flan molds, mousse frames, tartlet molds, Florentine molds, etc.); pie supplies (cake & pie servers, icing spatulas, lattice cutters, pie markers, pie pans, etc.); and oven to table dishware (baker bowls, crème Brule dishes, serving skillets, casserole dishes, fajita skillets, etc.).

barbecue grillTools needed for BBQ and grilling BBQ knives, grilling planks, BBQ meat presses, meat thermometers, skewers, spatulas and turners, grill brushes, heavy duty tongs, grill spatulas, and meat forks are necessary items needed to use on a grill. Kitchen utensils (basters, ladles, carving forks, egg poachers, fry baggers, egg rings, kitchen tongs, mixing paddles, whisks, pancake batter dispensers, wooden spoons, skewers, spatulas, spoon rests, portion servers, skimmers, etc.). You need a place to put a majority of the things that I will mention in the article so let’s talk about carts (sheet pan dollies, banquet carts, bus carts, bus tubs, dish carts, utility carts, etc.); storage & shelving (dunnage racks, receiving stations & desks, specialty racks, enclosed shelves, wall shelving, restaurant wall cabinets, etc.); food storage (food scoops, ingredient bins, etc.) and food scales (baking scales, digital kitchen scales, label printing scales, etc.).